QQI Strategy Statement 2022 - 2024

Values and Priorities

QQI publishes a strategy statement every three years. Our new Statement of Strategy 2022-2024/Ráiteas Straitéiseach 2022-2024 outlines a new vision, mission and values for our organisation, along with our key priorities.

Our Vision

We are committed to a vision of Ireland that offers diverse high-quality further and higher education opportunities, enabling learners to reach their full potential through achieving qualifications that are widely valued nationally and internationally.

Our Mission

We sustain public confi dence in the quality, integrity and reputation of Ireland’s further and higher education providers and provide authoritative information on the diverse range of qualifications included in the National Framework of Qualifications.

Our Values

Our approach to our own work and how we work with our partners is governed by clear values. We believe we have a shared responsibility with others to ensure confi dence in and continuous improvement of the quality of education and training. We believe that the attainment of our priorities and objectives is best pursued in a consultative, collaborative and inclusive manner with our diverse set of partners and providers. We value and respect partnership for mutual benefit. 

We are committed to working with objectivity, transparency and sustainability. This underpins our decision-making and our policies, procedures and activities. These are evidence-based, informed by national and international good practice, authoritative and conducted with integrity in a manner which is openly transparent and engenders trust. 

We are committed to making a difference to our partners, providers and our people. We value information, insight and impact – the successful pursuit of goals and objectives which culminate in impacting positively, confi dently and substantively on our operating environment. We are a learning organisation. 

We are committed to innovation and excellence.  

Our four strategic priorities are​:


Better information and opportunities for learners 


Implementing strengthened regulation to protect learners 


Driving and stimulating provider development 


Publishing authoritative analysis and insight

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