Policy Development

Progress and Development

At QQI, part of our work involves developing and implementing policies, procedures and guidelines on a range of issues that affect qualifications and quality assurance in Irish education and training.

Our policies can be downloaded - with supporting documents and links to relevant QQI processes - through our QSearch facility.

Here, you will also see progress reports on policy development which include feedback from our extensive consultations.

How QQI Policy is Developed

The approach we take is comprehensive and takes account of a range of factors.

It also links to our goal of maintaining the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) as a central organising feature of the qualifications and quality assurance systems.

QQI’s Comprehensive Policy Development Programme aims to:

  • Unify and rationalise the policies of QQI’s predecessor agencies
  • Develop policy to meet emerging needs
  • Provide a sound policy basis for the functions of QQI

QQI policy development goes through five steps:

  1. Identification and prioritisation of policy areas

  2. Planning

  3. Green Paper development

  4. White Paper development

  5. Policy publication

The most recent snapshot of QQI policy development can be found here