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The launch of the new QQI website in October 2014 saw the introduction of a new service called QSearch. QSearch enables direct access to a range of QQI information. These include the:

• Directory of Programmes  
• Register of Providers 

QQI Certification Data 2017

QQI Certification Data 2018

QQI Certification Data 2019

QQI Certification Data 2020​

Data Series: Certification of QQI ​Major Award​s 2014-2018

Data Series: Path to Early Childhood Education and Care QQI Graduates (2014-2019)​​

QQI Infographics 
QQI has extended the QSearch service with the introduction of a visual representation of the awards data. QQI Infographics provides a visual representation of awards data that, through simple clicks, can easily be filtered on a variety of variables including year, gender, age-band, county, field of learning, award-type, and award level. 

The data set includes QQI awards from 2006 right up to the current year.  This includes both further education and higher education and training awards.  It does not include awards where the award making authority has been delegated.

The data is ‘disaggregated’ which means

• Where learners achieved several minors as part of a component certificate each minor is counted separately
• Where a learner achieved a major, special purpose or supplemental award the individual components are not counted.

The data in QQI Infographics is updated every two months to reflect new certification results data, thereby providing an up-to-date analysis of awards made. As a result, you don’t have to wait for the end of the year to see the distribution of awards.

QQI has plans to develop the visualisations further including a drill-down feature and additional filtering. We welcome feedback through our QHelp service