Our Work with Employers

Labour Market Needs

Part of our job at QQI is to support the needs of the labour market.

That means understanding the skills required by employers in an ever-evolving environment; and facilitating their input into programmes developed by education and training providers.

To this end, we engage with employers and employer representatives on a range of activities including standards development, policy consultation and recognising/aligning foreign qualifications.

We also facilitate employer participation in providers’ work, for instance in their quality assurance systems and programme review panels.

We have published an engagement strategy specifically for employers, Education and Employers - A Strategic Approach to Employer Engagement. For more details, click here

Employers ranging from SMEs to multinationals are also being asked to have their say in a major national survey to gauge their satisfaction with the quality of graduates emerging each year from Irish further and higher education providers.


Part of the Government’s strategy for economic development involves improving the national entrepreneurial skill base.

We are in the process of reviewing the Draft Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education (EEE) Guidelines - currently used by many higher education institutions - to ensure they meet the needs of the labour market.

An overview of QQI's services can be found here