Complaints of Service

Complaints of Service

QQI aims to ensure that the services we provide to you fully meet your needs and expectations and are delivered in a friendly, courteous and efficient manner. However, we accept that on occasion you may feel dissatisfied with the levels of service provision and delivery you have received.

If you feel that you have an issue with the service received, you have the right to complain directly to the individual or section you have been dealing with, where we would hope that any problems can be resolved. If this proves not to be the case and you feel that you should lodge an official complaint, QQI has in place a Customer Complaints Procedure, detailed below, to ensure that all complaints are investigated thoroughly, fairly and in confidence.


QQI commitments to dealing with Complaints

•  We will acknowledge all complaints within 5 working days.
•  We will investigate all complaints and issue a reply to your complaint within 15 working days.   Where this is not possible, we will send you an interim reply explaining 
   the position and advising you when you will receive a substantive response.  
•  All complaints will be treated promptly, fairly, impartially and in confidence.
•  We will ensure that no complaint you have made in good faith will be used to your disadvantage in the future.
•  We will endeavour to learn from mistakes to ensure that errors are not repeated. 

Customer Complaints Procedure

What is a complaint?

We define a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction concerning the provision of a service or services by QQI, as laid out under the commitments in our Customer Charter.

Please note QQI's complaints procedure is not a mechanism for addressing individual learners’ complaints or grievances. These should be addressed through the provider’s internal mechanisms.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have a cause for a complaint, it should be directed initially to the relevant section of QQI. Our staff there will try to deal with the problem without delay or, if the complaint does not relate to a service provided by us, direct you to the appropriate body.

If you do not know the name of the person in the section to contact, or if you are unsure which organisation you should make your complaint to, our Customer Service officers will be happy to advise you.  You can contact them through our QHelp system here (you will need to register if you don't already have an account). 

If the staff of the section cannot resolve your complaint, or you are unhappy with their response, you can ask for the matter to be reviewed by a senior member of staff from that section.

If you are still unhappy with the response, you should make a formal (written) complaint to the Director of Corporate Services, Strategic Planning and Communications who will investigate the complaint on your behalf.

You can make a complaint online through our QHelp system.

Alternatively you can complain in writing to:

Director of Corporate Services, Strategic Planning and Communications
26-27 Denzille Lane
Dublin 2

What information should you provide?

Your complaint should include the following details:
•  Your name, address and e-mail address
•  Exactly what you were dissatisfied with
•  The name of the official or section you dealt with
•  A daytime telephone number


Can you appeal against the way in which your complaint has been handled?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation by the staff of the relevant section in QQI, you can request a review of the outcome of a complaint.  Please submit this request to the Director of Corporate Services, Strategic Planning and Communications or QQI, 26-27 Denzille Lane, Dublin 2.

If you feel the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction you still have the right of appeal to the Office of the Ombudsman.