Application for Validation (HET)

​​Validation ​ 

Validation is a quality assurance process intended to ensure that a proposed programme can enable a learner to acquire and demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skill or competence to justify the award(s) being offered in respect of that programme.

New Validation

All new programmes intended to offer QQI awards must first be validated by QQI. 
Providers intending to apply for validation of a new programme(s) of higher education will find information on preparing an application in Section 5 of QQI's Policies and Criteria for the Validation of Programmes of Education and Training​.

Providers may apply for validation of a single programme, or of a principal programme with one or more embedded programmes. 

Applications for a new validation should comprise
• a programme descriptor 
• a self-evaluation against QQI criteria
• evidence of PEL arrangements

Programme Review and Revalidation

Programmes previously validated much be revalidated within a maximum period of five years.  
The provider must
• review and evaluate the programme as it has been implemented
• update and revise the programme, addressing any identified deficiencies and taking opportunities for improvement
• apply for revalidation

Links to resources and templates for both new validation and revalidation are available below.

Resources for HET Validation and Revalidation (from July 2020) 

Application templates​


​Programme Descriptor

​Guidelines for Completing Descriptor

​Self- Evaluation against Validation Criteria

​Independent Evaluation Report

​Provider’s Programme Review Report

New Validation
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​Additional Resources

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Devolved Responsibility for parts of the validation process 

QQI may devolve some responsibility for arranging the independent evaluation report to a provider applying for new programme validation.

Additional Resources for Programmes of Higher Education and Training 

Please refer to the following documents in order to ensure that any new programme conforms to policy.

QQI Policies and Guidelines – Awards and Standards

QQI Policies and Guidelines – Access, Transfer and Progression

Resources for Independent Evaluators of Programmes 

Evaluator Roles, Responsibilities and Independence

Roles, Responsibilities and Code of Conduct for Reviewers and Evaluators (V1, 2018) 
Conflict of interest and Confidentiality Form

Validation Report and Style Guide

Transitional arrangements – research degree programmes, collaborative programmes and transnational programmes

Until specialised policies and criteria have been developed for research degree programmes, collaborative programmes and transnational programmes, the 2012-2015 policies and criteria listed below will apply in conjunction with the current QQI's ​Policies and Criteria for the Validation of Programmes of Education and Training.

If there are any inconsistencies, current policies and criteria will apply.